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Welcome to the Petz Show page. There is currently
2 shows going on. The 2 Shows are:

A Catz Show
A Dogz Show

If you would like to enter one please e-mail 
me. If you are entering the catz show please title the e-mail: Catz Show. If you are entering the dogz show please title the e-mail: Dogz Show. The Way to get points in a show is: Best in Show: 5 points 1st place: 4 points 2nd place: 3 points 3rd place: 2 points Honorable Mention: 1 point The Places to recive in a show are: Reserved Champion/Rc.: 5 points needed Champion/Ch.: 10 points needed Grand Champion/GCh.: 15 points needed Master Grand Champion/MGCh.: 20 points needed Supreme Grand Champion/SGCh.: 30 points needed

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