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It sometimes is SO hard to download your new Petz 3 toys at isn't it? So, I decided now you can download them off my page! Here are some of the downloads now! The Menorah is a great toy for your petz! It lights up the Play scenes at night and is wicked awsome! Download now!
A little late for Halloween eh? Well, who cares! This Spooky Jack-O'-Lantern will give your petz the mumps! LOL Download now!
Going to Thanksgiving dinner? Cool! Why don't you wear cool clothes! Download now!
Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Well it's Christmas, but no play scene is complete without a Chritsmas tree! Decorate it with Ornaments and Lights! Download now!
Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas! Your Petz wanna be santa? Download now!
With all the snow we can build a snowman for Oddballlz! All you oddballz Lovers download this snowman now! :-) Download now!
Wanna dress your Petz for the past Halloween? LOL Go ahead! Be A Witch! I'll get you my pretty! Download now!
It's time for bed! Better get your nitie on! Now it's time to get in bed now! Duck pajama's cool!! Download now!

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