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Hello, I am Kelly the Tabby, and I am the spokesperson for the kennels part of USA Petz Online! This kennel is where my creator Daniel, will take wonderful care of your petz while your on vacation or something. E-mail him at if you would like to send in your petz for the kennels! I know what you must be wondering, who would trust a kid just out of nowhere to take good care of my petz? Hopefully everyone! After they read this promise! I promise to treat your pet or petz fairly. I promise to feed and play with them every day. I promise to teach your petz tricks, and play with them! I promise to return your petz when you get home again! Now remember you must include in your e-mail when you are going to get back from your trip so I can send your petz back to you! THANK YOU!


USA Petz Online: Home!

*USA Petz Online promises to take good care,
of your petz or YOU get a free Edited Breed!