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Petz Info.

Hexed Stuff

Okay I made a new links page! Not Automatic either. I found those to be ahem kinda *crappy* So I whiped up this new links page with 50 links! All these sites are linked to Petz 4 or Petz 3 sites! Check em all out! Oh yeah you can also submit your own link!


- Just send in your site's name and url


= One of My Favorites!

Anso's Petz 3
Breed Makers Guild
Brookview Medows Kennelz
Butterfly Petz
CC Kennelz3
Coronet Kennelz 3
Crystal's Kennelz & Cattery 3&4
Cybriar Kennels
Dana's Dogz & Catz 3
The Garden
Golden Pawprints Cattery
Hi Noon Kennelz
International Petz
Jolie's Adoption Agency
Just Bulldog's Boulevard
Kawaii Kennels 3
Knight Time Petz
Luner Eclipse Kennelz
Magic's Cattery and Kennel
Meg's Petz 3
MIDI Kennelz and Cattery
Mudshark Kennelz
Petz Gallery
Petz Inn3
Petz Interview
Petz Party
The Petting Zoo
The Strawberry Patch
Sara's Petz Homepage
Shiba's Kennelz
Silver Moon Kennelz
Silver's Petz Site
Sunshine Kennels
Sunshine Kennels 3
Tie~Dye Kennels
Tiggy's Site Collection
TLC Kennels
Usagi Kennelz3
USA Petz Online 3
Whinshire Kennelz
Yori's Petz Page

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