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Meet    Me!!    The    Owner    of    USA    Petz    Online!

You might think, I am just another, NORMAL person, Hey you guessed Right! Okay here is some info about me! My name is Daniel Kiehne, I am 12 Years old I ENJOY: My Petz, My Pets (I have two Cats, Siamese, Shophie, and Cheska) I even have 3 fishies! MY FAVORITE FOODS: I LOVE Mashed Potatoes!!!!!!! I love Ice Cream! *Yummy* THINGS I DISLIKE: I hate, Chores, I hate Snobby People! THINGS I LIKE DOING: I love Swimming, Playing on the computer, And stuff like that! I LOVE PLAYING Basketball FAVORITE TV SHOWS: FRIENDS!!! X Files, Sunset Beach, Rugrats, Seinfeld FAVORITE MOVIES: Jurrasic Park, Lost World: Jurassic Park, X Files, Titanic, Armmegedon,The Rugrats Movie,Godzilla and Austin Powers FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY LIFE: My bedroom being in the basement! I can do all kinda stuff in the basement, while parents are doing somethin else! Ya! Thats about it, I am really a NORMAL Person!!


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