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Here is my first Petz and the former mascot of my page an oldie but goodie! USA and Uk and Baby Shooting Star!
USA: This kind Dane is one of my Personal Favs! I LOVE him! UK: USA's Adorable wife! She is also One of my favs! Shooting Star: Little Baby Boy just born! Cute as a BUTTON!
Here is my beautiful Siameses, my mascots Po and Dipsy are included! Oh look at Tinky Winky! :^)
Po: My female Siamese that is in LOVE with Dipsy, and is also the female mascot of my page! Dipsy: My Male Siamese that is in love with Po and is the male mascot of my page! Tinky Winky: The Baby Siamese in the family! A BORN showcat! Thanks for meetin my Petz!



people have come to visit my Petz!

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