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Welcome to the UPO 3 news page. We supply the 
news you want to know. 


If you can find the shamrock pictured below you can win a fabulos 
prize. Click on the shamrock and send  a picture of the shamrock 
attached to an e-mail to me. Then, you will automaticly be entered to win the grand prize: 

UPO 3's first hexed clothes only avaible to the winner.

The shamrock looks like this: 

DOWNLOADS There are new downloads at But instead of going all the way there and waiting for it to download forever,since it's such a popular site, get your new downloads here. They are Violets and Carnations. NEW ADOPTION CENTER? Yes it's true I am making a new Petz Player adoption center. It will be one of the best adoption centers around, hopefully. What the Petz Player allows you to do is to play with the pet your thinking of adopting before you do adopt it. It's going to be really cool and it should be open either Sunday the 27th or Monday the 28th. Is UPO gonna hex clothes? Yes, it's true. We have hexed clothes! And they will be up for download soon on an all new Hexed Clothes page. Our first clothes are:

A Shamrock Shirt for Petz 3. You have some news? just send it in. Thanks.