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2nd Annual Petz Awards

USA Petz Online is now holding the Second Annual Petz Awardz! Enter in any catorgy you want. You can choose from Best site, Best Pic, Best Story, Best Macot, Best thingz to do on the page, Bets Owner. The winner of the catorory. Witch there will be one winner of each catorgory will recive EVERYTHING from the Add-On-Pack plus an award for thier homepage. The Petz Awards will be July 21 1998 at 7:00 P.M. in the USA Petz Online Chat room! The rules are you must be very quiet why I am talking, and if you don't win do not complain. Send in your stuff for the Petz Awards Become a Nominie for the Award! I will need THREE Judges if you would like to be a judge e-mail me and tell me! I can't wait till July 21!

Send in your stuff to become a nominie for Petz