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Want to breed with one of USA Petz Online 3's GREAT Petz??? Well here's your chance! Just choose the pet you want to breed with! NOTE: All petz are males!
Sam the Russin Blue: Info: Sam is a great and lovebale Pet! Can ALWAYS catch the mouse ;D Succseful Pregs. 0
Dipsy the Siamese: (Mascot) Info: Dipsy is the mascot of Usa Petz Online 3! I would consiter it an honor to breed with this siamese! Succseful Pregs. 0
USA The Great Dane: (Former Mascot) Info: USA is the Dane that brought it all!!!!!!! He ACTUALLY ENCURAGED ME to make USA Petz Online!! Succseful Pregs. 0

All you need to do to breed with one of my pet is:

*name of your pet

*your e-mail

*your pet file

*witch pet you want your pet to be bred with

That's it!

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people want to breed with my petz!

E-mail me to breed!

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